Saturday, December 14, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 15

At the airport

45 minutes later

chanyeol: okay guys.. let's go to the aeroplane...
kris: yeah...

In the aeroplane

exo's fan: aa!! exo are here!!
sha: haha... go to your fans guys.. :-)
D.O: nope.. I want to stay here with you.. *holding sha's hand*
exo: aww...
chanyeol: annyeongsayo 2x :)
D.O's fan: who's that girl??
a girl: maybe she is D.O's girlfriend...ohh... she was very lucky..
another girl: she was very pretty..!!
D.O: *smile at his fan*

*dearest passengers...please take your sit*

~everybody take their sit~

*in a moment.. we will go to langkawi..thank you for using air asia*

D.O: u want some water?
sha: yeah thanks.. :)
D.O: u are welcome.. :) *kiss sha's cheek*
D.O's fan: aww!! they're really sweet couple... xD
kris: haha... D.O...D.O....
D.O: :P... D_______O
baekhyun: I hope at Malaysia..I will get a beautiful woman..
chanyeol: how dare you...huhu...
exo: hahaha...
xiumin: alice...
alice: what?
xiumin: u look so cute... xD
alice: haha...u too..
xiumin: *face turned red*
caroline: here..let me fed you some bread..
luhan: *open his mouth* nyum nyum.. it's delicious...
caroline: ^-^

to be continued...

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