Friday, December 27, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 20

D.O: dont cry.. okay?
sha: hehe...arasseo
D.O: I want to sleep first..gudnight..
sha: gudnight..
D.O: *want to leave*
sha: D.O..
D.O: hmm? *looked at sha*
sha: :-) saranghae!
D.O: ^_^ *go into his room*

~the next day~

*knock knock knock* 

sha: guys! wake up..let's go to the pool!!.. we're gonna go to swimming!!
baekhyun: *stretching her body* okay.. wait..
D.O: *shocked* (she looked cute when she wear a swimming suit)
sha: hurry up!
everyone: okay okay... wait!..

~at the pool~


sha: it's so cold!!! xD
sehun: yeah! hahaha
caroline: I like cold..muahaha xD
alice: :P hahaha
chanyeol: lulu..why u not swimming??
luhan: I just cold.. 
sha: *whispering at chanyeol ear* 
chanyeol: haha..great idea.. go..
sha: *get out from the swimming pool* 
luhan: *looking at the water in the pool*
sha: *pushed luhan from behind*


luhan: sha!!..
sha: wekk :P..haha...cold isn't it? it make u feel fresh!.. :-)
luhan: hmph..
caroline: haha..lulu...let's swim with me..
luhan: okay!.. *swimming at caroline*
everyone: hahaha xD


sha: er..miande...
adila: it's okay..
sha: adila?!
adila: sha?! aaa!! I miss u so much!!!
sha: I can't believe it!! *hugged adila tightly*
alice: who is that girl?
caroline: I dont know..
sha: hey..let me introduce to you guys..this is my friend.. adila..
adila: anneyongsayo.. :)
chanyeol: *face turned red*
baekhyun: do you like that girl?? ;-)
chanyeol: ani!..
adila: *watching chanyeol*
everyone: anneyongsayo..
D.O: nice to meet you.. :-)
adila: :-)
caroline: nice to meet you!..
alice: yeah..nice too meet you adila!.. ^_^
adila: nice to meet you too guys.. :-)
sha: let's go swim!
chanyeol: wuhoo!! yeah!!..

after 2 hours later..

sha: brr...g..guys...l..let's g..go to!..hotel..
D.O: are u alright? *feeling worried*
sha: I dont know..
D.O: *put his hand on sha forehead* your body is so warm..
sha: hmm....
adila: let's bring sha into her room..
alice: where is your room?
adila: beside your room...
alice: ...
D.O: *carrying sha*
sha: so cold...hmm
everyone: *following D.O from behind*

at sha's room

D.O: u have to rest okay?
sha: arasseo.. :-)

at the living room..

D.O: so.. adila..where are your school..
adila: korea..
alice: same like us!
adila: really?!
alice: yeah..maybe I'm not know you..because of that I never speak at you..
D.O: haha...where is your home?
adila: beside the house that the wall is purple colour..
alice: that's my house!.. haha.. we're neighbour..!
D.O: *watched at adila*
caroline: hmm
baekhyun: *watching at D.O* (why D.O starring adila like that) *stand up and go into sha's room*

to be continued...

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