Friday, December 27, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 22


alice: *packing* sha..
sha: *still crying* wae?
alice: dont cry...
sha: I dont know.. 
caroline: I know adila dont like D.O...she likes chanyeol...
alice: how do u know..
caroline: at the pool...adila starring at chanyeol...
sha: hmm... 
alice: :-) think carefully sha...
sha: D.O tell me that he love adila too...
alice: I will talk to him later..about this... arasseo?
sha: :') arasseo..
caroline: I want to wear a dress tonight..
alice: me too...
sha: arasseo...
carlice: u?
sha: same like u guys...
alice: let me combing your hair......
sha: okay... ^3^

at 8:00 a'clock...

chanyeol: are u guys ready.....?
everyone: yeah!..

*knock knock*

adila: where are guyss going?
tao: -_- we're going to the beach..
adila: can I join?
baekhyun: *watching sha*
sha: ...
baekhyun: time k? 
adila: haha... it's okay...
D.O: arr...hey...let's join us...
everyone: *shocked*
baekhyun: hmm..
adila: hmm...okay...
D.O: we will waiting for you
sha: *sitting on the couch and listening a song*
everyone: *looked at sha*
baekhyun: *whispering at chanyeol* (I think sha dont want to be strong anymore)
chanyeol: hmm.. please dont
sha: i'm so cra cra crazy...clap clap clap man... *crying*
baekhyun: sha! dont cry!
sha: ani!..*wiping her tears*

adila: i'm done!..
D.O: okay let's go..
everyone: haja!
baekhyun: *holding sha hand* haja..
sha: :-) arasseo...

at the beach...

exo's fan: aa!! it's EXO!!!
D.O's fan: why sha not with D.O? and who is that girl with D.O???
exo's fan: can we have your autograph??? please..
exo: sure..why not.. *signed*
D.O's fan: sha... :-)
sha: :-)..
D.O's fan: we all know that u pro in singing...can u singing one song? please...
sha: er..
baekhyun: cute.. hehe
sha: oppa!..
D.O's fan: oppa? sha..why are u call baekhyun oppa?
sha: haha...actually baekhyun is my brother...
D.O's fan: aa!! good!
sha: haha... u all are malaysian right?
D.O's fan: er..yup..
sha: i'm malaysian too..
D.O's fan: so you can speak in malay?
sha: of course... but..I will singing korea song..
other girl: what title of the song?
sha: it's me..
D.O's fan: okay!...I like the song..
sha: :-) saranghae saranghae saranghae *singing it's me song*
everybody at the beach: who is that?
other boy: she so cute.. 


chanyeol: wow... I dont believe it..
alice: :-)
caroline: ^_^
baekhyun: my sister is very cute!.. xD
other boy: wow!!

*clap clap clap clap*

everyone at the beach: wuhooo!! yeah!!
sha: thank you..thank you.. hehe...
baekhyun: *shouting* who want sha singing again????
other boys: me!!
D.O's fan: me!
adila: me too!!
sha: oppa!!..
baekhyun: :-) u have to singing stand up.. okay?
sha: hmm...arasseo..

*singing j-min stand up*

exo's fan: wow...exo play the song sound..!
everyone: EXO EXO EXO EXO!! xD
exo: :-)

everybody: yeah!!
sha&exo: thanks everyone..
sha: *walking straight at the beach* hmm...
adila: wow...u guys so awesome!!
D.O: *pinch adila's cheek*
baekhyun: where is sha?
alice: *finding sha* there..neared the sea..
baekhyun: gomawo..
alice: arasseo..

to be continued...

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