Saturday, December 28, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 23

D.O: adila.. I want to tell u something..
adila: hmm... that u like me?
D.O: ...
adila: D.O.. i'm sorry..but... I like chanyeol..and I dont want to hurt my friend..
D.O: jebal..
adila: wae?
D.O: I don't know... sha is..
adila: let me tell you...sha is kind person...she never love anyone else except you..she told me that she hope she will LOVE U FOREVER.. she loves u..
adila: it's okay... :-) u still have time...go back at sha..

sha: *watching D.O and adila*
baekhyun: hey..
sha: oppa.. do u believe that someday I will get back to D.O?
baekhyun: of course..u love D.O right?
sha: hmm..
baekhyun: sha..I know u still love D.O.. :-) 
sha: hmm...I always loving him...and never stop loving him..
baekhyun: good!..hahaha...*hugged sha* I want u happy with D.O...arasseo?
sha: :-) arasseo...

chanyeol: guys!..let's go to our hotel...tomorrow we will getting back to korea..
everyone: arasseo!..
sha: *walking to them*
D.O: *pulled sha's hand and hugged sha*
sha: *shocked*
D.O: miande.. * walking to his friend*
sha: hmm.. :-)...I always forgive u D.O.. hey guys! wait for me!

to be continued...

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