Saturday, November 30, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 11

sha: we all had a holiday for a month right?
alice: oh yeah! I almost forgot about that!.. thanks for reminding are u want to go this holiday?
exo: ...
sha: hmm...I think I want to go back at malaysia..
exo: what??!! no way!!
sha: calm down...not forever.. I just wanna go to Langkawi.. I want to buy some keychain and chocolate...nyum2x hehe
D.O: fuhh..lucky..
exo: can we join!!
sha: :) of course u can.. :)
alice: me too!
caroline: me too!!
sha: alright..alright...tomorrow..we have to packing..! I can't wait!
kris: haha..
D.O: *starring at kris like a wolf*
kris: haha...what? XD

after finish their breakfast

sha: okay guys..see u a day after tomorrow
D.O: are u busy tomorrow?
sha: hehe.. alice,caroline and I are planning to go to shopping mall tomorrow..u guys wanna join us?
exo: okay!
sha: :)..bye...
exo: bye...
at the living room

D.O: kris..
kris: yup..*watcing a movie*
D.O: do u like sha?
kris: actually...yes... I like her..cause she is very cute..
D.O: hmm...
kris: it's okay..I don't want to couple with her..cause she already have u...but can u promise me something?
D.O: hmm...what? 
kris: :) take care of sha...make her happy... :)
D.O: :) alright...thanks..
kris: :)

in the evening..

sha: *lock her house* baby dont cry tonight..*walking to the park*hmm...why mary and the geng always not satisfied with me?hmm...maybe because I and D.O was couple...hmm...mary like D.O very much...huh...nevermine..*sitting on the bench and reading a book..*

*ting tong*

D.O: hmm? why nobody open the gate..and her gate is locked..maybe sha was going someplace hmm... i'm gonna find her at the park..

at the park

D.O: there u are!.
sha: hm? oh..D.O...
D.O: what are u doing here alone?
sha: I just reading a book..
D.O: *hugged sha* please don't make me worry..
sha: sorry...
D.O: U have to tell me first.. okay?
sha: okay.. :)
D.O: good girl..
sha: *continue her reading* 
D.O: *sleeping at sha's thighs* I love u..
sha: *face turned red* I luv u too...

45 minutes later


sha&D.O: *shocked*  who's there..
exo: haha..u are so cute!.. aww!!
sha&D.O: *face turned red*
exo: let's go home together.. the day almost night..
sha: okay..

to be continued..

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 10

At home

chanyeol: sha..
sha: hmm?
chanyeol: invite alice and caroline come to our house tonight....we're making some barbeque..
sha: nyummy!.. hehe...okay.. ^-^
D.O: chanyeol!!
chanyeol: haha..what? XD
exo: hahaha...XD


alice: hello sha..what's up?
sha: hello...chanyeol invite u and caroline to come their house tonight..they're making some barbeque..
alice: okay..I will invite caroline...bye..
sha: thanks..bye..

At sha's  house

sha: aaa!!! what should I wear tonight...can I just wearing casual?..hmm..
    *baby dont cry..*
sha: hello..
chanyeol: are u done?
sha: yeah...wait a minute...
chanyeol: oh...okay.. we'll waiting for u..
sha: okay..

At exo's house..

*ting tong*

sha: hello guys...sorry i'm late..
everyone: *shocked*
sha: why are u guys..starring me like that?
everyone: aww!!! u so cute!!!!
alice: *hugged sha*
sha: err... *face turned red*
luhan: haha..but to me..caroline is more cute.. *wink at caroline*
caroline: *face turned red*
D.O: D___O
luhan: please...dont doing that face.. -_-
D.O: it's up to me.. :P
kris: can u guys stop fighting.. -_-
sha: hahaha...
D.O: *she looks so cute when she laugh* 
sha: *smiled at D.O*
D.O: *face turned red*
chanyeol: haha...okay...let's eat..
luhan: nyummy!!
everyone: haha

*the next day at exo's house*
at the kitchen

sha: *cooking some food for breakfast*
D.O: something smells good... :) maybe sha is preparing something for breakfast *stretching his body and go to the kitchen*
sha: *hey..hwak muro lalalala* hehe.. :)
D.O: *hugging sha from behind* u are very diligent
sha: *face turned red* D.O.. please dont suprise me like that.. :)
D.O: :) sorry babe.. :)
sha: ^-^
kris: *wiping his body with a towel* sha.. can U help me this?
sha: hmm? sur...
D.O: let me help u.. 
kris: err...okay.. *feeling weird*
sha: haha..D.O..D.O..
caroline: I smell something..
alice: yeah me too...*hugging her teddy bear*
sha: :)..go..take a bath first.. :)
caroline and alice: uhh...alright...*stretching their body*
xiumin: oh god..she's very cute when waking from sleep... XD
exo: yeah!! breakfast is ready!!
sha: :)..let's eat together..
D.O: wait for me!
kris: hmm.... -_-
sha: kris? come here and eat's very delicious u know? ^-^
kris: :) yeah..wait a minute..
D.O: *feeling jealous*

to be continued..

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 9

At The Stairs

sha: *walking at the stairs* hmph...
mary&april: *push shaheera*
sha: *doing backflip* huh...u guys want to push me?..let me push you first..
mary: erghh... I really hate her!!!!
april: calm down...I have a plan...

In the class..

sha: u know what? mary and april push me at the stairs..
caroline: what?! then?
sha: it's okay...I doing a back flip... :)
kris: haha...good girl.. *pinch sha's cheek*
D.O: dont touch her!...sha is mine! *push kris*
kris: haha calm down...haha
D.O: hmph..
sha: *kiss D.O's cheek* dont mad... :)
D.O: *face turned red*
exo:'s so cute!
alice: hahaha

Kringg kring...

sha: guys...wait a minute...I forgot to take something on my desks..
kris&D.O: its okay..we'll waiting for you
D.O: grrrr (like a wolf)
kris: calm down..haha
sha: hmph...where is my book...oh..there...
mary: guys...finish her...
sha: wants to punch me? let me punch your first...


D.O: why so long? i gonna fine sha...
chanyeol: okay..
D.O: what?!
mary: now...u can't doing anything...
sha: *trying to escape*
D.O: *punch the boy who is holding sha and pulling sha's hand* let's go!
mary: chase her!!
boys: okay!

exo: what do you want?!
boys: we just want sha!
D.O: for what?!
exo: let's finish them..
sha: yeah!

     *exo,sha and the boys are fighting..*

boys: *run away...*
sha: *falling down*
everyone: sha! are u okay?!
sha: i'm fine...i just tired..
D.O: it's okay..let me carring you *carrying sha*
caroline: when both of them want to stop fighting with us...
chanyeol: let's go home..

to be continued..

Love U Forever Episode 8

at home

D.O: hello guys.. ^-^
chanyeol: why are u late?
kai: haha.. i know...D.O...can I tell them?
D.O: *feeling happy* hahaha...yes u can...
kai: actually..D.O and sha are at the beach..
sehun: ha? what are u doing there?
D.O: I asked sha to be my girlfriend..
exo except kai: what??!!! then??!!! what did she said??!!!
D.O: she said she like me too from first time we meet.. *face turned red*

kai: :-)
D.O: don't worry kai...U still can sleep with me..haha
kai: hehe

at sha's house..

alice: I got something to tell you
caroline&sha: me too..
alice: so..who wants to start first?
sha: me..*face turned red*
alice: okay..
sha: I just met D.O while ago..he said he loves me...and i love him now we're couple..face turned red again*
alice&caroline: serius?! XD
sha: hihi *face turned red*
alice: i'm couple with xiumin..
caroline: i'm couple with luhan..
sha: haha congrats!!..

the next day...

*sha playing guitar*

chanyeol: are u guys hear something?
kai: yeah..someone is playing a guitar...but who?
sehun: *eating scrambled eggs* I think...try to look at sha's house...maybe she is playing a guitar...
D.O: i'm take a look..
chanyeol: ehem...
D.O: hihi..

*baby dont cry tonight*

D.O: this is exo k baby dont cry song...very clever..I think sha is playing this song with a guitar...guys!! sha is playing a song of baby dont cry with a guitar!..
sehun: I told you.. :)
exo: very clever...

sha: I DID IT!!! 
kai: haha...she said she did it... i'm proud with she's not to quiet as before.. :)
D.O: hey guys...let's go to school...
chanyeol: yeah!

*ting tong*

sha: oh..exo guys.. :)
D.O: we come here to invite you come to school with us..
sha: wait the minute.. *call alice* alice..
alice: what? wanna go to school with exo?
sha: hehe..yup
alice: okay.. let's go!!
sha:?? :)

in the car..

[D.O holding sha's hand]

chanyeol: I know what u guys doing...D.O..........
D.O: shut up... *face turned red*
chanyeol: we go...

mary: I hate her...
april: do u hate sha?
mary: yes!.. I hate her!
april: same like me..huh...*thinking* i have a plan.. *whispering at mary's ear*
mary: excellent.. :) huh...

in the class...

D.O: sha...can u teach me this...
sha: what?
D.O: :) thanks...*kiss sha's cheek*
sha: *face turned red*
mary: ergh....huh...let's see..

to be continued..

Love U Forever Episode 7

kring kring!!

after school

sha: *sitting on the bench* lalala...where is D.O? he told me to come at the park after school..but where is he? hmph..
D.O: sorry..i'm late..
sha: :) it's okay..
D.O: *holding sha's hand* let's go..
sha: where?
D.O: anywhere... :) just two of us.. ;)
sha: *face turned red* :)


sha: why are we stop?
D.O: sha..actually.. from the first time we meet..I feel that..I like u be my girlfriend?
sha: *face turned red* er...look! such a beautiful birds over there! let's go there... ^-^
D.O: sha... *pulled sha's hand and hugged her* please answer my question..please...i'm begging you..
sha: i..i will..actually..I like u too... :) 
D.O: *hugged tightly* I love u shaheera...*face turned red*
sha: i love u too...D.O...*face turned red*

at the beach

xiumin and alice..

alice: why are we here?
xiumin: alice...I just want to tell you..that I love u from first time we my girl?
alice: xiumin...*face turned red* 
xiumin: *kissed her forehead* I Love U ..
alice: I love u too xiumin.. *hugged xiumin*
xiumin: thanks...sweetheart.. *hugged alice*

at the other beach

luhan and caroline..

luhan&caroline: I have something to tell you
caroline: haha..u first
luhan: no..u first..
caroline&luhan: okay... I love U..
luhan: *face turned red*
caroline: *face turned red*
luhan: haha...* hugged caroline* I love u so much...promise me that u never find other boy than me..promise..
caroline: *hugged luhan* I' promise... :) I love u too luhan...

chanyeol: where is luhan? where is xiumin? where is D.O? where is sha?  where is caroline? where is alice?

to be continued..

Love U Forever Episode 6

at evening

Doctor: good news!..
D.O: what is it?
Doctor: shaheera was aware of a faint..
alice: really?! *rushed to the room* sha!!
sha: *shocked* dont suprise me like that!
everybody: *hugged sha* thank godness you alright.. :')
sha: :) I want to back at school..i'm so bored at here..
doctor: :) u have to rest at hospital until 1 week..okay?
sha: hmm...okay...
caroline: sha..
sha: caroline?..
caroline: *hugged sha* I'm so sorry..I never make you faint again..
sha: it's's not your's mary's fault..
caroline: can I be your friend?
sha: sure. ^_^..

after 1 week...

*tok tok tok*

D.O: sha..
sha: *stop reading a book* yeah..
D.O: I come here to take u..
sha: where are the others?
D.O: they're all waiting at the park..
sha: okay..let's go..


Doctor: only want way can make sha durable..
everyone: what is it?
Doctor: u all have to always play with her,bring her at the park..and singing for her.. :) goodluck..
everyone: thank you doctor..
doctor: you are welcome.. :)


at the park

D.O: close your eyes.. :)
sha: okay..
D.O: *holding sha's hand and bring sha at the park*
sha: ....
sha: why u all wear a sport shirt?
caroline&alice: cause we want to jogging!.. ^-^
sha: jogging?! err...I think I can't join..
alice: sha..u have to...if not..u can't be strong...after jogging..we'll play badminton..then we swimming at the pool.. okay? we did this just for you.. :)
exo: fighting! :)
sha: okay!

after 2 hours later..

sha: fuhh...i'm very tired...but it was fun!!..
alice: mission complete.. :)
caroline: :)......
kai: sha...try doing back flip..
sha: sure..
alice: kai?!
kai: what? trust me..she can do it..
sha: *breath in..breath out* *doing back flip* *shocked* I did it!!!
everyone: :)...
sha: *run to alice and hugged her*... thanks guys.. I luv u all.. :)
chanyeol: let's go home.. 
everyone: yeahh!

at exo house..

sha: thanks guys for today... :) i'm very happy..
chanyeol: thanks..
D.O: *whisper at sha's ear* tomorrow meet me at the park.. I want to tell you something..
sha: *turning red* okay..
D.O: cute.. ;)
sha: hehe..okay guys...I want to return home...
alice: me too..
sha&alice: bye!.. :)
exo: bye!..see u tomorrow..

xiumin: I think I like Alice..
luhan: I think I like caroline..
all except luhan&xiumin: ???????

to be continued.. 

Love U Forever Episode 5

In the class

D.O: here..a broom for you...
sha: haha..thanks D.O..
D.O: u are welcome...
sha: *swiping a rubbish* 
mary: *throw some rubbish at the floor..*
sha: *looking at mary* have u see trash can over there? why u not throw in there?
mary: it's up to me!..
sha: what ever..huh..
mary: *push sha's body at the wall*
sha: ouch..
mary: *punch sha's face* I very hate u!
D.O: sha!!...
alice and exo guys: sha!! are u alright??
caroline: mary!! what are u doing?! why are u punch sha's face? 
mary: because I hate her!!
caroline: I dont want to friend with u anymore..*run at sha*
D.O: *shake sha's body* sha...sha...sha wake up..
alice: I think sha was fainting..let's bring her to the hospital..
D.O: *carrying sha..and put her in the car* chanyeol..hurry!

at the hospital

1 hour later..

doctor: actually..sha can't be rugged..if she rugged..he will be very weak..
alice: because of that..sha just always reading a book and listening a song..she never join any rugged activities...
doctor: how could this happen?
chanyeol: she pounded by mary..maybe because she was jealous..
doctor:'s okay..sha just have to take a rest..
D.O: when she can heal?
doctor: maybe..after 2 weeks..
D.O: (mary...I never forgive you) *cry*
kai: D.O dont cry..
chanyeol: u cry?
sehun and luhan: D.O dont cry..
alice: I think we should go back to school..we'll visit sha this evening okay?
D.O: okay.. *wipe his tears*
chanyeol: let's go..

at the class...

teacher: alice! sehun! luhan! xiumin! suho! D.O! chen! kai! lay! chanyeol! kris! tao! baekhyun! why u all late!?
D.O: sorry teacher..we all bring sha to the hospital..cause sha fainting..
teacher: what?! fainting?! how could this happen?
caroline: sha was pounded by mary..
teacher: mary!..why did u do this to your friend?!
mary: I hate her! why u all love sha? why not me?
D.O: because you are bad girl..not like sha...sha is good girl..she never push or punch someone even she was mad..not like u...just because sha and I was get close..u want to punch her?!..if u want to know...sha can't be rugged..cause..shaheera is very weak..u punch she was fainted..I dont  know when she will be aware of a faint..and this is.. all.. your.. fault..

to be continued...

Love U Forever Episode 4

*I lost my mind..noreul chommanasseulte no hanapego*

D.O: chanyeol...turn of your alarm tone..
chanyeol: *holding his phone and turn of the tone* guys..wake's 6:00 a.clock..
kai: *stretching his body* I want to take a bath first..
chanyeol: *shake D.O's body..* D.O wake up..D.O...
D.O: wait a minute...
chanyeol: I want to wake the other guys..
D.O: go ahead..

sha: it's so cold...*wipe her body* where is my uniform? hmph...oh..there u are..
   *baby dont cry...tonight*
sha: hmph? who's calling me? oh..alice.. *lift phone*
alice: hello sha..
sha: hello alice..
alice: u had a bath or not?
sha: I already done..u?
alice: same..sorry disturbing you..
sha: it's the way...D.O invite me to go to school with can u join me..please...
alice: haha...okay... I follow you..
sha: okay..bye..

*tok tok tok*

chanyeol: xiumin..baekhyun...luhan..sehun..
x.b.l.s: yes!..
chanyeol: are u awake?
sehun: yes..
chanyeol: good..

*tok tok tok*

chanyeol: kris...tao..chen...lay..suho...
k.t.c.l.s: yup..wait a minute..we almost done..
chanyeol: my turn to take a bath..*stretching his body*

30 minute later

D.O: hello sha..
sha: hello..
D.O: are u done?
sha: I already done..invite your friends to come at my house now..I already prepared some breakfast for u all..alice already came at my house..
D.O: okay..bye..
sha: bye...

D.O: guys..sha invite us to come at her house...she make some fish and chip for us..
xiumin: really?! I LOVE FISH AND CHIP!!
chen: haha...let's go..
chanyeol: wait a minute..I want to wear my socks..

*ding dong*

sha: here they are!.. *open the gate* come in.. :)
D.O: you look so cute.. *his face turning red*
xiumin: sha...where is my fish and chip..
sha: haha...go at the kitchen..
kai: very delicious... you are very good in cooking..same like D.O..
sha: haha..thanks..D.O clever in cooking? wow.. i'm so proud with you.. :)
D.O: hehe..thanks.. (she said she proud with me..she make my heart beat again)
sha: *sitting on the sofa and reading a book*
luhan: sha..we already done..
sha: oh..okay..*looking at her watch* okay already 6:30 a.clock..I think I have to go earlier..cause I have to clean the class..
chanyeol: oh..okay..let's go!!...

In the car...

luhan: sha..
sha:  yup..
luhan: hmm...nothing...I forgot..haha..
sha: haha...okay...
D.O: hmph.... D___O
chanyeol: alright...

mary: look at the malaysian girl..and alice...they're come to school with exo guys?!! it's not fair!
caroline: I heard that they are in the same neighbourhood with exo guys! 
sha: oh..I gotta hurry...I have to clean the class..
D.O: wait..*holding sha's hand* 
sha: *her face turning red* what?
D.O: today..I have to clean the class we clean the class together?
sha: sure..hurry..*pulled his hand*
D.O: *his face turnig red*
mary: my D.O!! how dare she holding my D.O's hand...erghh..
chanyeol: haha...they look cute..right?
kai: :) yup..
alice: let's go to the class..
xiumin: let's go..

to be continued..

Love U forever episode 3

[At exo house]

xiumin: alice..
alice: yup..
xiumin: why shaheera not follow you come to our house?
alice: she said she want to reading a book..

D.O: guys..can I go visits sha's house?
chanyeol: sure..

D.O: *push the bell*
sha: *holding a book* ohh..D.O.. come inside.. :)
D.O: why u not come to our house?
sha: I just want to reading a book and listening a song..
D.O: :) what your favourite song?
sha: Exo k baby dont cry..
D.O: *his face turning red* same like me..
sha: haha...your face turning cute!
D.O: *his face turning red again*
sha: wait a minute..I want to make you some tea..
D.O: it's okay..I dont want to bother you..
sha: it's okay.. :)

10 minute later

sha: here u go..
D.O: thanks sha..
sha: no problem.. hihi
D.O: can I be your bestfriend?
sha: *her face turning red* sure..
D.O: yes!! thanks!!.. *hugged sha*
sha: *shocked* haha..u are welcome.. *her face turning red again*
D.O: okay..tomorrow..let's go to school together..okay?
sha: sure...but...can I invite alice?
D.O: yes u can...okay..I want to return home..
sha: okay..see u tomorrow..
D.O: :)...

[at night]

kai: why so long?
D.O: err...hehe nothing..just chat...
kai: about???
D.O: nothing..I just asked what her favourite song..then she said she like exo k baby dont cry..same like me *his face turning red*
chanyeol: haha...I think she like u ... *hugged a teddy bear*
D.O: impossible..
chanyeol: kai must be very jealous..
kai: of course I jealous.. other girl was stolen D.O's heart..huhu..
D.O: calm down kai..if I couple with sha...u still can sleep with me..haha
kai: really?? *doing aegyo*
D.O: yeah..why not.. :)
kai: yeah! *hugged D.O* if like that..I dont have to jealous with sha anymore... :)
exo: hahahahaah XD..

to be continued..

Love U Forever Episode 2

[At school]

sha: so..this is the school.. (i hope i will get new friend)
chanyeol: guys.. are u all ready to go to school?!
exo: yeah!! let's go!!

[in the class]

teacher: okay guys..we have new student from malaysia..
sha: name is shaheera..u guys can call me sha..
teacher: sha..wait the minute..OKAY CLASS..who want to help sha find her desks and chair?
D.O: me..
teacher: okay..

25 minutes later

D.O: here.. :)
sha: thanks.. :)
D.O: let me help you bring this desks at the back..
chanyeol: D.O......... ;)
D.O: what??
chanyeol: do u like that girl?
D.O: *his face turning red* maybe I like her...
chanyeol: hahahaha
D.O: D____O


alice: hey..sha..
sha: *stop reading a book* yeah.. :)
alice: can I be your friend..?
sha: OF COURSE!.. nice to meet you.. what's your name?
alice: hihi... nice to meet u too name is alice.. ^_^
sha: where do u live?
alice: I dont remember.. but i'm in the same neighbourhood with exo..
sha: same! let's go home together.. :)
alice: sure..why not.. haha

chanyeol: let's play basketball..
exo: okay..!! 
luhan: who lose..he will buy us some
exo: deal..

alice: see..they are playing basketball..haha
sha: hmm? *looking at D.O* (he look cute while playing a basketball)
alice: sha..
sha: yeah?
alice: I want to meet u want to join?
sha: no thanks..I want to reading a book..
alice: ohh.. its okay..

to be continued

Love U Forever Episode 1


luhan: I heard that we have a new neighbour from malaysia...
D.O: really?
luhan: yup ^-^
D.O: what's her n....
kai: D.O...can you buy some snacks for us..please... *doing aegyo*
D.O: hmph..alright..

[45 minute later]

D.O: *walking back to home* is this the girl?
sha: *reading a book and listening a music*
D.O: I hope this girl is my new neighbour.. hihi *his face turning red*
D.O: hello guys...i'm home!..
chanyeol: oh yeah!!..
kai: let's eating the snacks.!!..
luhan: nyum2x..

to be continued

Tuesday, November 26, 2013



chanyeol: why are we here? 
you: haha..a moment will know
chanyeol: hmph..

    1 hour later..

you: let's go at the park..but u have to close your eyes..promise?
chanyeol: okay..promise.. *hold your hand*
you: *bring chanyeol at the park*
chanyeol: can I open my eyes now?
you: open..
chanyeol: *open his eyes*
exo guys and you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANYEOL!!

chanyeol: *shocked* guys!! thank you!!
                              TO YOU,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHANYEOL..
                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!.. *CLAP THEIR HANDS*
baekhyun: here..present for you.. *kissed chanyeol's cheek* hihi
chanyeol: thanks baekhyun!!...hahaha...


goodnight my love

you and luhan

you: *fell asleep at luhan's shoulder*
luhan: u look so cute.. *carry you and put you on the bed*
           goodnight my love.. *kissed your cheek*


this imagine is for nadiah..

[sehun and nadiah are at the beach]

*nadiah and sehun are bestfriend*
sehun: nadiah..honestly..I already love someone..
           *look at nadiah eyes*
nadiah: really?! she must be very lucky.. I gotta go..
            *wiped her tears*
sehun: *stand up then holding nadiah's hand* where
             are you going? and why are you crying?
nadiah:'s nothing..
sehun: do you want to know something?
nadiah: what?
sehun: the girl that I love is...
nadiah: who?
sehun: *hugged nadiah* the girl that I love you..
             nadiah..I love you..please dont cry..
nadiah: *hugged sehun* thank you very much..
              I love u too...sehun..

sehun: *kneeling and open a box* will you marry me?
nadiah: *feeling excited and cry* sehun..of course I will..
sehun: *put on the ring at nadiah's finger and hugged

                                                       they're living happily ever after

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Luhan:Who steal my deer?!!(luhan protest like a kid )

Sehun:Eomma Suho,xiumin steal my bubble tea huhuhu T__T (cryin like a kid XD)

Suho:Sehun stop cryin ,I'll buy you bubb-- heyy wait wheres my wallet?!

Lay:"evil laugh" Yes!!finally suho's wallet is mine already!!hahah uhm but wait why did I get this? (Forgetful as ever)

Tao:Hey!! Who did this?!why is my gucci bag has a dirt?!I will wushu you !!

Kai:D.O I told you not to take a picture of me being naked!!!you pervert!!(kai run towards d.o)

D.o:D_____O Im not a pervert(continue running ahhaha)

Baekhyun:Hey chen drink this so that you will have a good voice 

Chen:Thanks bae--wait why is my drink has an eyeliner?!

Chanyeol: derp...hayyy.. Heyy give me back my bacons!!!

Kris: oh my god,..they are so noisy unlike me ,Im cool,manly and handsome right ace?(talking to his stufftoy XD)

Xiumin:*burp**burp* ..."prrrtttttt" (xiumin FARTED!)

All the members except xiumin:YAHHH XIUMIN!!!!

And xiumin run away ,and throw buns to his member so that he will not be chase ..hahaha 


Sehun: Nooo! I’m the husband!
Luhan: No! I am!
Sehun: I’m more manly that you!
Luhan: Well I’m the MOST manly here!!
Sehun: I am I am Iam!!
Luhan: I AM!
Sehun: Noo!!
Luhan: Ok! Spell MISSISSIPPI first
Sehun: Fine !!! I am the wife!!!!


[I Want You Back]

Kai: I want you back…
Kyungsoo: 3 words, 8 letters. Say 
it and I’m yours.

Kai: I got food?
You know me so well…


Sehun: Will you buy me that ice cream? Please~ *doing aegyo
Suho: Use your own money~ 
Sehun: You’re so handsome, tall, and you’re the best leader on the world!! *hihi
Okay , which ice cream do you want? *feeling proud
Oh yeah 


Chanyeol: I hate it when people pour my cereal.
Chanyeol: They don't know how much I want.
Chanyeol: They don't know my life.
They don't know what I've been through.
        : Hyung, calm down it's just cereal!




Saturday, November 23, 2013


KRIS (크리스)
Name :Wu Yi Fan (우판)
Stage Name: Kris
English Name: Kevin Li / Kevin Wu
Birthday :November 6, 1990
Height :187 cm
Position: Rapper, Leader
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Blood type : O
Facts: He enjoys reading books particularly self-improvement and inspirational. Got into SM through SM Global Audition (Canada 2007)
Hobbies/Specialities: Language (English, Chinese, Korean, Cantonese), Basketball
p/s: Some are not complete. Will be completed if there is more info.
Last updated: 16 June 2013


XIU MIN (시우민)
Name :Kim Min Seok (김민석 )
Stage Name: Xiu Min
Birthday :March 26, 1990
Nickname: Baozi
Height :173 cm
Skills: Sing, dance, taekwondo, excellent movement skills and fencing
Position: Lead Vocalist
Blood type : B
Facts: Won 2nd place on 2008 SM’s Everysing Contest
Hobbies/Specialities: Sing, dance, taekwondo, kendo


LAY (레이)
Name :ZHANG YI XING (장이싱)
Birthday : October 7, 1991
Height :179
Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer
Education: Hunan Normal University High School
Hometown: Changsha, Hunan, China
Nationality: Chinese
Blood type : A
Facts:Appeared in 2005 3rd place Star Academy (Hunan Economic TV), SHINee dance concert instead of Jonghyun
Hobbies/Specialities: Playing computer, guitar, piano, dancing, Master language in Chinese and Korean


 CHEN (첸)
Name :Kim Jong Dae (김종대)
Birthday : September 21, 1992
Height :173 cm
Position: Main Vocalist
Blood type : B
Facts: First revealed through the SM Orchestra section at SBS Gayo Daejun 2011. Got into SM through SM Casting System (2011)
Hobbies/Specialty: Singing, Piano


TAO (타오)
Name : Huang Zi Tao / Edison Huang (황지타오)
Birthday : May 2, 1993
Height : 185 cm
Blood type : AB
Nationality : Chinese.
Hometown: QingDao, Shandong, China
Position: Main rapper
Knows: English, Cantonese, Mandarin.
Facts: He’s a very conservative person, likes to exercise alone.He was awarded as 3rd Place in International Wushu Competition and 1st Place in Qingdao Broadcasting Wushu Sword Competition.He won the “Top Rap Award” at Beijing 3rd Annual College Street Jam. Favourite color : blue. Favourite food : western food. Favourite music : R&B, Hip hop. Favourite sport: basketball.Favourite animal: black cat
Hobbies/Specialities : Singing, playing basketball, exercising, martial arts, sword dance


Name : Lu Han (루한)
Birthday : April 20, 1990
Height : 178 cm
Blood type : O
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead dancer
Home town : Haidian, Beijing.
High School: Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Experimental School 2005
Facts: Got into SM through SM Casting System (2010)
Trainee time: 2010 April – December 26, 2011.
Hobbies/Specialities : animation, art, video games, computers, water sports, racket sports, nature sports, basketball, baseball, football, music, concerts/clubs, television, animals, travel, singing, soccer, rubiks cube.


 SU HO (수호)
Name :Kim Joon Myun (김준면)
Birthday : May 22, 1991
Height :173 cm
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist of EXO-K
Blood type : AB
Family: Father, Mother, Older brother (4 years older)
Facts: Got into SM through SM Casting System (2006)
Hobbies/Specialities: Imitating SHINee’s Jonghyun LLO, Playing Golf