Thursday, November 28, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 10

At home

chanyeol: sha..
sha: hmm?
chanyeol: invite alice and caroline come to our house tonight....we're making some barbeque..
sha: nyummy!.. hehe...okay.. ^-^
D.O: chanyeol!!
chanyeol: haha..what? XD
exo: hahaha...XD


alice: hello sha..what's up?
sha: hello...chanyeol invite u and caroline to come their house tonight..they're making some barbeque..
alice: okay..I will invite caroline...bye..
sha: thanks..bye..

At sha's  house

sha: aaa!!! what should I wear tonight...can I just wearing casual?..hmm..
    *baby dont cry..*
sha: hello..
chanyeol: are u done?
sha: yeah...wait a minute...
chanyeol: oh...okay.. we'll waiting for u..
sha: okay..

At exo's house..

*ting tong*

sha: hello guys...sorry i'm late..
everyone: *shocked*
sha: why are u guys..starring me like that?
everyone: aww!!! u so cute!!!!
alice: *hugged sha*
sha: err... *face turned red*
luhan: haha..but to me..caroline is more cute.. *wink at caroline*
caroline: *face turned red*
D.O: D___O
luhan: please...dont doing that face.. -_-
D.O: it's up to me.. :P
kris: can u guys stop fighting.. -_-
sha: hahaha...
D.O: *she looks so cute when she laugh* 
sha: *smiled at D.O*
D.O: *face turned red*
chanyeol: haha...okay...let's eat..
luhan: nyummy!!
everyone: haha

*the next day at exo's house*
at the kitchen

sha: *cooking some food for breakfast*
D.O: something smells good... :) maybe sha is preparing something for breakfast *stretching his body and go to the kitchen*
sha: *hey..hwak muro lalalala* hehe.. :)
D.O: *hugging sha from behind* u are very diligent
sha: *face turned red* D.O.. please dont suprise me like that.. :)
D.O: :) sorry babe.. :)
sha: ^-^
kris: *wiping his body with a towel* sha.. can U help me this?
sha: hmm? sur...
D.O: let me help u.. 
kris: err...okay.. *feeling weird*
sha: haha..D.O..D.O..
caroline: I smell something..
alice: yeah me too...*hugging her teddy bear*
sha: :)..go..take a bath first.. :)
caroline and alice: uhh...alright...*stretching their body*
xiumin: oh god..she's very cute when waking from sleep... XD
exo: yeah!! breakfast is ready!!
sha: :)..let's eat together..
D.O: wait for me!
kris: hmm.... -_-
sha: kris? come here and eat's very delicious u know? ^-^
kris: :) yeah..wait a minute..
D.O: *feeling jealous*

to be continued..

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