Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 2

[At school]

sha: so..this is the school.. (i hope i will get new friend)
chanyeol: guys.. are u all ready to go to school?!
exo: yeah!! let's go!!

[in the class]

teacher: okay guys..we have new student from malaysia..
sha: name is shaheera..u guys can call me sha..
teacher: sha..wait the minute..OKAY CLASS..who want to help sha find her desks and chair?
D.O: me..
teacher: okay..

25 minutes later

D.O: here.. :)
sha: thanks.. :)
D.O: let me help you bring this desks at the back..
chanyeol: D.O......... ;)
D.O: what??
chanyeol: do u like that girl?
D.O: *his face turning red* maybe I like her...
chanyeol: hahahaha
D.O: D____O


alice: hey..sha..
sha: *stop reading a book* yeah.. :)
alice: can I be your friend..?
sha: OF COURSE!.. nice to meet you.. what's your name?
alice: hihi... nice to meet u too name is alice.. ^_^
sha: where do u live?
alice: I dont remember.. but i'm in the same neighbourhood with exo..
sha: same! let's go home together.. :)
alice: sure..why not.. haha

chanyeol: let's play basketball..
exo: okay..!! 
luhan: who lose..he will buy us some
exo: deal..

alice: see..they are playing basketball..haha
sha: hmm? *looking at D.O* (he look cute while playing a basketball)
alice: sha..
sha: yeah?
alice: I want to meet u want to join?
sha: no thanks..I want to reading a book..
alice: ohh.. its okay..

to be continued

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