Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 7

kring kring!!

after school

sha: *sitting on the bench* lalala...where is D.O? he told me to come at the park after school..but where is he? hmph..
D.O: sorry..i'm late..
sha: :) it's okay..
D.O: *holding sha's hand* let's go..
sha: where?
D.O: anywhere... :) just two of us.. ;)
sha: *face turned red* :)


sha: why are we stop?
D.O: sha..actually.. from the first time we meet..I feel that..I like u be my girlfriend?
sha: *face turned red* er...look! such a beautiful birds over there! let's go there... ^-^
D.O: sha... *pulled sha's hand and hugged her* please answer my question..please...i'm begging you..
sha: i..i will..actually..I like u too... :) 
D.O: *hugged tightly* I love u shaheera...*face turned red*
sha: i love u too...D.O...*face turned red*

at the beach

xiumin and alice..

alice: why are we here?
xiumin: alice...I just want to tell you..that I love u from first time we my girl?
alice: xiumin...*face turned red* 
xiumin: *kissed her forehead* I Love U ..
alice: I love u too xiumin.. *hugged xiumin*
xiumin: thanks...sweetheart.. *hugged alice*

at the other beach

luhan and caroline..

luhan&caroline: I have something to tell you
caroline: haha..u first
luhan: no..u first..
caroline&luhan: okay... I love U..
luhan: *face turned red*
caroline: *face turned red*
luhan: haha...* hugged caroline* I love u so much...promise me that u never find other boy than me..promise..
caroline: *hugged luhan* I' promise... :) I love u too luhan...

chanyeol: where is luhan? where is xiumin? where is D.O? where is sha?  where is caroline? where is alice?

to be continued..

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