Tuesday, November 26, 2013

this imagine is for nadiah..

[sehun and nadiah are at the beach]

*nadiah and sehun are bestfriend*
sehun: nadiah..honestly..I already love someone..
           *look at nadiah eyes*
nadiah: really?! she must be very lucky.. I gotta go..
            *wiped her tears*
sehun: *stand up then holding nadiah's hand* where
             are you going? and why are you crying?
nadiah: haha..it's nothing..
sehun: do you want to know something?
nadiah: what?
sehun: the girl that I love is...
nadiah: who?
sehun: *hugged nadiah* the girl that I love is..is you..
             nadiah..I love you..please dont cry..
nadiah: *hugged sehun* thank you very much..
              I love u too...sehun..

sehun: *kneeling and open a box* will you marry me?
nadiah: *feeling excited and cry* sehun..of course I will..
sehun: *put on the ring at nadiah's finger and hugged

                                                       they're living happily ever after

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