Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 6

at evening

Doctor: good news!..
D.O: what is it?
Doctor: shaheera was aware of a faint..
alice: really?! *rushed to the room* sha!!
sha: *shocked* dont suprise me like that!
everybody: *hugged sha* thank godness you alright.. :')
sha: :) I want to back at school..i'm so bored at here..
doctor: :) u have to rest at hospital until 1 week..okay?
sha: hmm...okay...
caroline: sha..
sha: caroline?..
caroline: *hugged sha* I'm so sorry..I never make you faint again..
sha: it's's not your's mary's fault..
caroline: can I be your friend?
sha: sure. ^_^..

after 1 week...

*tok tok tok*

D.O: sha..
sha: *stop reading a book* yeah..
D.O: I come here to take u..
sha: where are the others?
D.O: they're all waiting at the park..
sha: okay..let's go..


Doctor: only want way can make sha durable..
everyone: what is it?
Doctor: u all have to always play with her,bring her at the park..and singing for her.. :) goodluck..
everyone: thank you doctor..
doctor: you are welcome.. :)


at the park

D.O: close your eyes.. :)
sha: okay..
D.O: *holding sha's hand and bring sha at the park*
sha: ....
sha: why u all wear a sport shirt?
caroline&alice: cause we want to jogging!.. ^-^
sha: jogging?! err...I think I can't join..
alice: sha..u have to...if not..u can't be strong...after jogging..we'll play badminton..then we swimming at the pool.. okay? we did this just for you.. :)
exo: fighting! :)
sha: okay!

after 2 hours later..

sha: fuhh...i'm very tired...but it was fun!!..
alice: mission complete.. :)
caroline: :)......
kai: sha...try doing back flip..
sha: sure..
alice: kai?!
kai: what? trust me..she can do it..
sha: *breath in..breath out* *doing back flip* *shocked* I did it!!!
everyone: :)...
sha: *run to alice and hugged her*... thanks guys.. I luv u all.. :)
chanyeol: let's go home.. 
everyone: yeahh!

at exo house..

sha: thanks guys for today... :) i'm very happy..
chanyeol: thanks..
D.O: *whisper at sha's ear* tomorrow meet me at the park.. I want to tell you something..
sha: *turning red* okay..
D.O: cute.. ;)
sha: hehe..okay guys...I want to return home...
alice: me too..
sha&alice: bye!.. :)
exo: bye!..see u tomorrow..

xiumin: I think I like Alice..
luhan: I think I like caroline..
all except luhan&xiumin: ???????

to be continued.. 

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