Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 5

In the class

D.O: here..a broom for you...
sha: haha..thanks D.O..
D.O: u are welcome...
sha: *swiping a rubbish* 
mary: *throw some rubbish at the floor..*
sha: *looking at mary* have u see trash can over there? why u not throw in there?
mary: it's up to me!..
sha: what ever..huh..
mary: *push sha's body at the wall*
sha: ouch..
mary: *punch sha's face* I very hate u!
D.O: sha!!...
alice and exo guys: sha!! are u alright??
caroline: mary!! what are u doing?! why are u punch sha's face? 
mary: because I hate her!!
caroline: I dont want to friend with u anymore..*run at sha*
D.O: *shake sha's body* sha...sha...sha wake up..
alice: I think sha was fainting..let's bring her to the hospital..
D.O: *carrying sha..and put her in the car* chanyeol..hurry!

at the hospital

1 hour later..

doctor: actually..sha can't be rugged..if she rugged..he will be very weak..
alice: because of that..sha just always reading a book and listening a song..she never join any rugged activities...
doctor: how could this happen?
chanyeol: she pounded by mary..maybe because she was jealous..
doctor:'s okay..sha just have to take a rest..
D.O: when she can heal?
doctor: maybe..after 2 weeks..
D.O: (mary...I never forgive you) *cry*
kai: D.O dont cry..
chanyeol: u cry?
sehun and luhan: D.O dont cry..
alice: I think we should go back to school..we'll visit sha this evening okay?
D.O: okay.. *wipe his tears*
chanyeol: let's go..

at the class...

teacher: alice! sehun! luhan! xiumin! suho! D.O! chen! kai! lay! chanyeol! kris! tao! baekhyun! why u all late!?
D.O: sorry teacher..we all bring sha to the hospital..cause sha fainting..
teacher: what?! fainting?! how could this happen?
caroline: sha was pounded by mary..
teacher: mary!..why did u do this to your friend?!
mary: I hate her! why u all love sha? why not me?
D.O: because you are bad girl..not like sha...sha is good girl..she never push or punch someone even she was mad..not like u...just because sha and I was get close..u want to punch her?!..if u want to know...sha can't be rugged..cause..shaheera is very weak..u punch she was fainted..I dont  know when she will be aware of a faint..and this is.. all.. your.. fault..

to be continued...

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