Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 4

*I lost my mind..noreul chommanasseulte no hanapego*

D.O: chanyeol...turn of your alarm tone..
chanyeol: *holding his phone and turn of the tone* guys..wake's 6:00 a.clock..
kai: *stretching his body* I want to take a bath first..
chanyeol: *shake D.O's body..* D.O wake up..D.O...
D.O: wait a minute...
chanyeol: I want to wake the other guys..
D.O: go ahead..

sha: it's so cold...*wipe her body* where is my uniform? hmph...oh..there u are..
   *baby dont cry...tonight*
sha: hmph? who's calling me? oh..alice.. *lift phone*
alice: hello sha..
sha: hello alice..
alice: u had a bath or not?
sha: I already done..u?
alice: same..sorry disturbing you..
sha: it's the way...D.O invite me to go to school with can u join me..please...
alice: haha...okay... I follow you..
sha: okay..bye..

*tok tok tok*

chanyeol: xiumin..baekhyun...luhan..sehun..
x.b.l.s: yes!..
chanyeol: are u awake?
sehun: yes..
chanyeol: good..

*tok tok tok*

chanyeol: kris...tao..chen...lay..suho...
k.t.c.l.s: yup..wait a minute..we almost done..
chanyeol: my turn to take a bath..*stretching his body*

30 minute later

D.O: hello sha..
sha: hello..
D.O: are u done?
sha: I already done..invite your friends to come at my house now..I already prepared some breakfast for u all..alice already came at my house..
D.O: okay..bye..
sha: bye...

D.O: guys..sha invite us to come at her house...she make some fish and chip for us..
xiumin: really?! I LOVE FISH AND CHIP!!
chen: haha...let's go..
chanyeol: wait a minute..I want to wear my socks..

*ding dong*

sha: here they are!.. *open the gate* come in.. :)
D.O: you look so cute.. *his face turning red*
xiumin: sha...where is my fish and chip..
sha: haha...go at the kitchen..
kai: very delicious... you are very good in cooking..same like D.O..
sha: haha..thanks..D.O clever in cooking? wow.. i'm so proud with you.. :)
D.O: hehe..thanks.. (she said she proud with me..she make my heart beat again)
sha: *sitting on the sofa and reading a book*
luhan: sha..we already done..
sha: oh..okay..*looking at her watch* okay already 6:30 a.clock..I think I have to go earlier..cause I have to clean the class..
chanyeol: oh..okay..let's go!!...

In the car...

luhan: sha..
sha:  yup..
luhan: hmm...nothing...I forgot..haha..
sha: haha...okay...
D.O: hmph.... D___O
chanyeol: alright...

mary: look at the malaysian girl..and alice...they're come to school with exo guys?!! it's not fair!
caroline: I heard that they are in the same neighbourhood with exo guys! 
sha: oh..I gotta hurry...I have to clean the class..
D.O: wait..*holding sha's hand* 
sha: *her face turning red* what?
D.O: today..I have to clean the class we clean the class together?
sha: sure..hurry..*pulled his hand*
D.O: *his face turnig red*
mary: my D.O!! how dare she holding my D.O's hand...erghh..
chanyeol: haha...they look cute..right?
kai: :) yup..
alice: let's go to the class..
xiumin: let's go..

to be continued..

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