Saturday, November 30, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 11

sha: we all had a holiday for a month right?
alice: oh yeah! I almost forgot about that!.. thanks for reminding are u want to go this holiday?
exo: ...
sha: hmm...I think I want to go back at malaysia..
exo: what??!! no way!!
sha: calm down...not forever.. I just wanna go to Langkawi.. I want to buy some keychain and chocolate...nyum2x hehe
D.O: fuhh..lucky..
exo: can we join!!
sha: :) of course u can.. :)
alice: me too!
caroline: me too!!
sha: alright..alright...tomorrow..we have to packing..! I can't wait!
kris: haha..
D.O: *starring at kris like a wolf*
kris: haha...what? XD

after finish their breakfast

sha: okay guys..see u a day after tomorrow
D.O: are u busy tomorrow?
sha: hehe.. alice,caroline and I are planning to go to shopping mall tomorrow..u guys wanna join us?
exo: okay!
sha: :)..bye...
exo: bye...
at the living room

D.O: kris..
kris: yup..*watcing a movie*
D.O: do u like sha?
kris: actually...yes... I like her..cause she is very cute..
D.O: hmm...
kris: it's okay..I don't want to couple with her..cause she already have u...but can u promise me something?
D.O: hmm...what? 
kris: :) take care of sha...make her happy... :)
D.O: :) alright...thanks..
kris: :)

in the evening..

sha: *lock her house* baby dont cry tonight..*walking to the park*hmm...why mary and the geng always not satisfied with me?hmm...maybe because I and D.O was couple...hmm...mary like D.O very much...huh...nevermine..*sitting on the bench and reading a book..*

*ting tong*

D.O: hmm? why nobody open the gate..and her gate is locked..maybe sha was going someplace hmm... i'm gonna find her at the park..

at the park

D.O: there u are!.
sha: hm? oh..D.O...
D.O: what are u doing here alone?
sha: I just reading a book..
D.O: *hugged sha* please don't make me worry..
sha: sorry...
D.O: U have to tell me first.. okay?
sha: okay.. :)
D.O: good girl..
sha: *continue her reading* 
D.O: *sleeping at sha's thighs* I love u..
sha: *face turned red* I luv u too...

45 minutes later


sha&D.O: *shocked*  who's there..
exo: haha..u are so cute!.. aww!!
sha&D.O: *face turned red*
exo: let's go home together.. the day almost night..
sha: okay..

to be continued..

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