Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love U forever episode 3

[At exo house]

xiumin: alice..
alice: yup..
xiumin: why shaheera not follow you come to our house?
alice: she said she want to reading a book..

D.O: guys..can I go visits sha's house?
chanyeol: sure..

D.O: *push the bell*
sha: *holding a book* ohh..D.O.. come inside.. :)
D.O: why u not come to our house?
sha: I just want to reading a book and listening a song..
D.O: :) what your favourite song?
sha: Exo k baby dont cry..
D.O: *his face turning red* same like me..
sha: haha...your face turning cute!
D.O: *his face turning red again*
sha: wait a minute..I want to make you some tea..
D.O: it's okay..I dont want to bother you..
sha: it's okay.. :)

10 minute later

sha: here u go..
D.O: thanks sha..
sha: no problem.. hihi
D.O: can I be your bestfriend?
sha: *her face turning red* sure..
D.O: yes!! thanks!!.. *hugged sha*
sha: *shocked* haha..u are welcome.. *her face turning red again*
D.O: okay..tomorrow..let's go to school together..okay?
sha: sure...but...can I invite alice?
D.O: yes u can...okay..I want to return home..
sha: okay..see u tomorrow..
D.O: :)...

[at night]

kai: why so long?
D.O: err...hehe nothing..just chat...
kai: about???
D.O: nothing..I just asked what her favourite song..then she said she like exo k baby dont cry..same like me *his face turning red*
chanyeol: haha...I think she like u ... *hugged a teddy bear*
D.O: impossible..
chanyeol: kai must be very jealous..
kai: of course I jealous.. other girl was stolen D.O's heart..huhu..
D.O: calm down kai..if I couple with sha...u still can sleep with me..haha
kai: really?? *doing aegyo*
D.O: yeah..why not.. :)
kai: yeah! *hugged D.O* if like that..I dont have to jealous with sha anymore... :)
exo: hahahahaah XD..

to be continued..

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