Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 1


luhan: I heard that we have a new neighbour from malaysia...
D.O: really?
luhan: yup ^-^
D.O: what's her n....
kai: D.O...can you buy some snacks for us..please... *doing aegyo*
D.O: hmph..alright..

[45 minute later]

D.O: *walking back to home* is this the girl?
sha: *reading a book and listening a music*
D.O: I hope this girl is my new neighbour.. hihi *his face turning red*
D.O: hello guys...i'm home!..
chanyeol: oh yeah!!..
kai: let's eating the snacks.!!..
luhan: nyum2x..

to be continued

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