Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 8

at home

D.O: hello guys.. ^-^
chanyeol: why are u late?
kai: haha.. i know...D.O...can I tell them?
D.O: *feeling happy* hahaha...yes u can...
kai: actually..D.O and sha are at the beach..
sehun: ha? what are u doing there?
D.O: I asked sha to be my girlfriend..
exo except kai: what??!!! then??!!! what did she said??!!!
D.O: she said she like me too from first time we meet.. *face turned red*

kai: :-)
D.O: don't worry kai...U still can sleep with me..haha
kai: hehe

at sha's house..

alice: I got something to tell you
caroline&sha: me too..
alice: so..who wants to start first?
sha: me..*face turned red*
alice: okay..
sha: I just met D.O while ago..he said he loves me...and i love him now we're couple..face turned red again*
alice&caroline: serius?! XD
sha: hihi *face turned red*
alice: i'm couple with xiumin..
caroline: i'm couple with luhan..
sha: haha congrats!!..

the next day...

*sha playing guitar*

chanyeol: are u guys hear something?
kai: yeah..someone is playing a guitar...but who?
sehun: *eating scrambled eggs* I think...try to look at sha's house...maybe she is playing a guitar...
D.O: i'm take a look..
chanyeol: ehem...
D.O: hihi..

*baby dont cry tonight*

D.O: this is exo k baby dont cry song...very clever..I think sha is playing this song with a guitar...guys!! sha is playing a song of baby dont cry with a guitar!..
sehun: I told you.. :)
exo: very clever...

sha: I DID IT!!! 
kai: haha...she said she did it... i'm proud with she's not to quiet as before.. :)
D.O: hey guys...let's go to school...
chanyeol: yeah!

*ting tong*

sha: oh..exo guys.. :)
D.O: we come here to invite you come to school with us..
sha: wait the minute.. *call alice* alice..
alice: what? wanna go to school with exo?
sha: hehe..yup
alice: okay.. let's go!!
sha:?? :)

in the car..

[D.O holding sha's hand]

chanyeol: I know what u guys doing...D.O..........
D.O: shut up... *face turned red*
chanyeol: we go...

mary: I hate her...
april: do u hate sha?
mary: yes!.. I hate her!
april: same like me..huh...*thinking* i have a plan.. *whispering at mary's ear*
mary: excellent.. :) huh...

in the class...

D.O: sha...can u teach me this...
sha: what?
D.O: :) thanks...*kiss sha's cheek*
sha: *face turned red*
mary: ergh....huh...let's see..

to be continued..

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