Sunday, November 24, 2013


Luhan:Who steal my deer?!!(luhan protest like a kid )

Sehun:Eomma Suho,xiumin steal my bubble tea huhuhu T__T (cryin like a kid XD)

Suho:Sehun stop cryin ,I'll buy you bubb-- heyy wait wheres my wallet?!

Lay:"evil laugh" Yes!!finally suho's wallet is mine already!!hahah uhm but wait why did I get this? (Forgetful as ever)

Tao:Hey!! Who did this?!why is my gucci bag has a dirt?!I will wushu you !!

Kai:D.O I told you not to take a picture of me being naked!!!you pervert!!(kai run towards d.o)

D.o:D_____O Im not a pervert(continue running ahhaha)

Baekhyun:Hey chen drink this so that you will have a good voice 

Chen:Thanks bae--wait why is my drink has an eyeliner?!

Chanyeol: derp...hayyy.. Heyy give me back my bacons!!!

Kris: oh my god,..they are so noisy unlike me ,Im cool,manly and handsome right ace?(talking to his stufftoy XD)

Xiumin:*burp**burp* ..."prrrtttttt" (xiumin FARTED!)

All the members except xiumin:YAHHH XIUMIN!!!!

And xiumin run away ,and throw buns to his member so that he will not be chase ..hahaha 

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