Thursday, December 26, 2013

Love U Forever Episode 19

After 45 minute later

everyone: gomawo..*leaving the restaurant*
tao: let's go to the gucci shop! hurry! *pulled kris hand*
kris: haha okay..okay..*following tao*
luhan: let's go!..
everyone except D.O: *going into the gucci shop*
sha: hmm? (why D.O being quite)..
D.O: *sitting on the bench* hmm..
sha: *sitting beside him* D.O.. are u alright?
D.O: *acting like somebody call him* hello..yeah.. *leaving sha*
sha: hmm..*run into the gucci shop* why D.O.. *wiping her tears*
alice: are u crying sha?
sha:*covering her face with her hand ad wiping her tears*
alice: hmm... are u sure?
sha: :') yeah.. 
tao: gomawo kris.. hehe..
sha: now..let's go another place..
chanyeol: why your eyes are red? are u crying?
sha: what? ani.... :) *leaving the gucci shop*
everyone: hm...
baekhyun: where's D.O??
D.O: miande..are u guys done? :-) 
tao: yeah..
D.O: arasseo.. haja..
caroline: let's go there!..keychain over there! haja!.. *pulled sha and alice hand*
sha: much this?
seller: only RM 1.00
sha: *choosing and put it into the basket* 
alice: haha..
sha: *receiving 10 ringgit*
seller: thanks.. :-)
carlice: here *receiving 5 ringgit*
seller: thank you very much
alice: u are welcome.. :-)

after 2 hours shopping

chanyeol: fuhh..already 10 a'clock now..let's go back in our room!..
everyone: haja!
sha: :-) hmm
D.O: *looking at sha from beside*

in their room

chanyeol: *jumping on him bed* i'm very tired..
kris: too..
sehun: I want to sleep..goodnight

in sha's room..

sha: why are u being quite?!
D.O: why are u always ignoring me?!
sha: i'm not ignoring you!..u are acting like somebody was called you!..but..the truth is nobody was called you! lie to me!..*hit D.O*
D.O: ergh.. *want to leave*
sha: *run and hugged D.O from behind* 
D.O: *shocked* 
sha: D.O..u know I love u..please...dont do this to me...*crying*
D.O: *turn his body and hugged sha tightly* I love u too..i'm so sorry..
sha: *still crying* 
D.O: shhh...stop crying... I love U...*kiss sha's mouth*
sha: *shocked* *stop crying and hugged D.O tightly* :)
D.O: sha..
sha: yeah...
D.O: I want u to know..that I...always loving you..and never stopped loving you...
sha: :)

to be continued...

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